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TalentDash's on-demand sourcing support helped get my business off the ground quickly with seamless implementation and top notch customer service. The team produced great results and has been very flexible in responding to the unique and dynamic needs of a specialized company like DroneHive. I would recommend TalentDash to any start-up.
Paul Huish
Founder of DroneHive
I've now worked with TalentDash at two different companies and both are very happy with the service. They're great at mapping out candidates for companies of interest. I'd recommend them to teams that are looking for a fast, affordable, and adaptable sourcing solution.
Jeff Lu
Head of Recruiting at Medium

TalentDash has been instrumental in helping me scale several recruiting environments. Not only are they capable of skilfully researching candidate pools, but they are experts in finding direct contact information. Bottom line, TalentDash has saved me a significant amount of time and money and I'd recommend them to recruiting teams of any size.
Chris Shaw
Director of Talent at Meteor
I've been working with Kayo / TalentDash for over a year now. TalentDash played a key role in helping us to build our engineering team in 2015 by providing great results. They are reliable and respectful of the candidates they source, and will always accommodate to their client's needs. Last but not least, Kayo and her team work in full transparency. It has been a pleasure to work with TalentDash, and I hope to continue our partnership.
Charles Guillemet
Recruiting at Gusto
My prospective projects require a team of ninjas that can iterate quickly and deliver high quality results. TalentDash constantly exceeds my expectations, even on the most demanding of requests.
Matt Belitsky
Head of Operations at Talkable
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