"What is TalentDash?" See Answer
Founded in 2014, TalentDash is the talent-mapping platform that you need for a streamlined recruitment project. Based on your search criteria, top candidates will be ranked and highlighted, and talent clusters will be mapped out - all in just five working days. Your search for the ideal candidate has never been faster and easier. Even if you do not recruit any of the listed candidates, you get to build up your talent pipeline with our data.
"How does TalentDash work?"
You start by setting up your company’s preferences, then define the parameters of your search, as well as the accuracy threshold that you want, and voila! The results will be a map of the industry, and top candidates based on your search preferences. Talent clusters will also be highlighted for you. Our support team will also work closely with your recruiters to refine search parameters or adapt to changes as the project unfolds.
"Where do you get your data?"
We get our data from various sources—the more common ones being Google, LinkedIn, and resume sites. Other lesser known sources include blogs or even university pages. Oh, trust us when we say that we are resourceful.
"What are the modes of payment that you accept?" See Answer
Payment could be done through Paypal.
"Is this service only available in Singapore?"
We are as ubiquitous as the internet, so we can serve you wherever you are.
"Who can I turn to if I am having trouble using TalentDash?" See Answer
You can chat with us via that little blue tab on the bottom right corner of your screen, or reach us through Twitter or Facebook. Alternatively, you can also reach out to our ever helpful account managers if you need any assistance with the service.
"Where else can I find more information about TalentDash?" See Answer
Stalk us on social media (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) and get a deeper insight to our company. Plus, it makes us really happy.