The Robots Are Here – Why Recruiters Should Embrace AI

BY THE TALENTDASH TEAM | December 7, 2016

The furor generated in recent months over the suggestion that AI will become more prevalent in the recruitment industry is quite something to behold. From fearmongering to out and out panic, by all accounts, it seems that we humans working in recruitment are in for a torrid time.

But is it really all doom and gloom?

Can we truly expect the demise of the human recruiter?

Are the robots taking over?

Well, let’s get one thing straight. Artificial intelligence is far removed from the visions of Hollywood directors of the 80s and 90s. And while it’s true that by 2020 as many as 5 million jobs could be lost to automation, the vast majority of those jobs are manual labor positions that require no human to human interaction.

Recruitment, on the other hand, is an industry that will always require a human touch.

AI in recruitment

As it stands now, there is a wide range of applications and platforms available to help recruiters manage their workload, many of which make use of AI capabilities to some degree. These include resume reading and, of course, talent mapping like we do here at TalentDash.

From a productivity standpoint, the industry is booming and, if anything, recruiters are getting better at their jobs. And embracing AI as a tool is no small part of this improvement.

So why the fear?

Artificial Intelligence is a scary term to anyone when mentioned in the same breath as their job. It holds all kinds of negative connotations, chief of which is the fear that you are about to be replaced by a robot.

It is, therefore, understandable that many within the industry are wary of such developments. But, in truth, those that fail to embrace this relatively new-to-the-field technology are the ones that are in the most danger of losing their jobs.

Why recruiters should adapt to life with AI

It improves efficiency

Recruiters spend a great deal of their time undertaking laborious tasks that require little or no creativity. Searching job boards, sorting through resumes, and of course, analyzing their compiled data. These tasks are both time consuming and tedious, and many a recruiter would gladly delegate them to an intern or assistant if they could.

AI streamlines these processes allowing a recruiter to focus on more important tasks and in turn cut down the time taken to find suitable candidates for a position.

It removes human biases

Some recruiters have an inherent bias towards a certain type of candidate or even particular words and phrases used in resumes. Often this happens subconsciously and is something that they are entirely unaware of.

In using an AI platform to source candidates, this human tendency is eradicated giving potential applicants a better chance of making the cut. This is also an ideal situation for a recruiter as the talent pool created is 100%, genuine candidates.

It allows recruiters to direct their focus on revenue

While AI handles the sourcing and initial contacting of candidates, a recruiter can target potential applicants that are more likely to generate revenue.

People who are actively showing an interest in a position don’t usually receive the time or attention that they should as recruiters often have overloaded schedules. In any business, failing to nurture your most likely source of income is something akin to throwing money down the drain. A crude analogy but one that fits all the same.

It offers a more personal experience for candidates

According to an American Staffing Association survey, 77% of candidates prefer human interaction when looking for a job. And while it seems a little odd that a candidate’s experience can become more personal through the use of AI, it’s true. After all, AI only makes the initial contact before the recruiter takes over.

With those time-consuming tasks we mentioned earlier now handled by AI, recruiters can invest their time in building a trusting relationship with each candidate. Recruitment is, after all, a people business.

It fosters enthusiasm

If there is a single recruiter on this planet that enjoys sifting through thousands of resumes or trawling endless jobs boards, then we’d sure like to do a Q & A with them. It’s monotonous, repetitive, and worst of all, it stunts your enthusiasm for the job.

Take that monotony out of the equation, and a recruiter’s creativity can only benefit which in turn results in a higher quality of candidate and a job well done.

Why recruiters shouldn’t worry about AI

There are some things that only a human with emotional intelligence can handle, and because of these, recruitment will never become a fully automated industry.

Salary and package negotiations

Many companies pay their employees according to a specific payment structure, but there’s always room for a little give and take. Holidays, health benefits, and even relocation needs are often an integral part of salary negotiations with each candidate requiring something different according to their own personal circumstances. This is something a program will never understand.

Evaluate emotional intelligence

Personality is just as important as skill sets when applying for a job. Can AI decide if a candidate is on the same moral page as the company? Or if they will work well within a team? Human decision is far from infallible in this regard, but we have an instinct for these things that AI lacks.

Interview candidates

Whether it’s over the phone, on a video call, or in person, the need to interview candidates is essential for the reasons mentioned above. And let’s face it, would you want a robot to interview you?

So while we understand the trepidation that recruiters might feel at the prospect of adapting to life with AI, we firmly believe that adapt they must. There is nothing to fear from AI especially in a people-focused industry such as recruitment where it is emotional intelligence that makes the most important decisions.



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