The Recruiter’s Christmas Wish List

BY THE TALENTDASH TEAM | December 21, 2016

As we wind down for the holidays, we asked some of our favorite recruiter friends what they would like for Christmas. And aside from Christmas sweaters and lots of chocolate, there were more than a few wishes that came up across the board. Here are some of our favorites.

A longer day
Time is a cruel mistress; there’s simply never enough of it for a busy recruiter. So naturally, having more of it is top of many a recruiter’s wish list.

A longer day would not only allow for more work but also more blessed sleep. With just a few more hours of each, a lot more time could go towards emailing the dozens of candidates waiting on updates.

More specific job seekers
Recruiters can spot a generic cover letter a mile away and let’s face it; the scattergun approach doesn’t work anymore, and it just wastes everyone’s time.

What recruiters want to see are job seekers who know what they want and are laser targeted in their search. This helps both the candidate and the recruiter get the results they want within a much more reasonable timeframe.

More coffee
Can anyone truly function without coffee in their lives? Perhaps there are a few out there, but for those that work as hard as recruiters do, sometimes nothing else will suffice.

Can’t someone just invent a bottomless coffee mug that keeps your fuel-for-life nice and hot? Surely we have the technology at this stage, right?
We’re with our recruiter friends on this one.

Resumes with the right info
Like a table from Ikea with the most important screw missing, a resume that is bereft of vital information is the bane of a recruiter’s life. Why leave out some relevant work experience yet mention a love of football?

Those hundreds of emails with resumes attached will look a lot less intimidating if they have the essential details and, most importantly, up to date contact information.

Quick responses from all
If we could develop some kind of international reply standard whereby all emails and calls are replied to or returned within a set time, everyone’s lives would be much happier.

A recruiter can only do so much without the help of their candidates, CEOs, or colleagues. And besides if a candidate is really passionate about getting this job then surely it shouldn’t take two days, a further email, and a voicemail to get a reply. A quick response speeds up the entire process immeasurably.

Room to breathe
Then on the other end of the scale, we have pushy candidates and CEOs that won’t leave recruiters alone for a moment. The job is hectic enough without adding more needless calls and emails to the pile.

In fact, if anything it’s slowing the whole thing down. Recruiters want room to breathe and candidates and CEOs that trust them to do their job.

More tools for the job
AI is set to play a major role in recruitment in 2017, and while some are wary of such a development, many recruiters are embracing the changes with vigor.

Talent mapping platforms such as ours here at TalentDash are making life a whole lot easier for recruiters. So it should come as no surprise that they would like to see more innovative software and tools in their Christmas stockings.

Less money talk
Recruiters are finding that today’s job seekers are less reticent about discussing money and while there’s no doubt it’s an important issue, they would love to see more candidates that are passionate about the job.

Discovering why people love what they do and where they see themselves in 5 years’ time than is one of those things that can light up a recruiter’s day and make all that hard work seem worthwhile.

A cloning machine
While the topic of human cloning is one that divides opinion, most of our friends in the recruitment industry would have no qualms whatsoever about cloning themselves.

Now we know what you’re thinking, but this is not so they can stay home while the clones do all the work. Not a chance! Having a clone, or even two would simply mean that they could do more work! Yes, it’s true, the recruiters we know really do love their jobs that much.

A full-time assistant
If cloning doesn’t sit too well with Santa’s moral code, then a full-time assistant will have to do with a distinct emphasis on ‘full-time.’ Interns are a great help but usually end up helping several people around the office which is far from ideal.

What a recruiter needs is someone at their beck and call but budgets may not stretch quite that far so an AI assistant such as that schedules meetings is the ideal alternative. And perhaps an AI note taking assistant like Claire Clarke thrown in for good measure.

A CEO that gets it
The mantra of the modern day CEO is that their employees are their biggest asset, but all too often this wonderful ideal gets lost in the fog of department budgets and cost cutting measures.

There are some amazing CEOs out there that really ‘get’ the value of employees. These men and women stand firm in the face of opposition from the board as they look to invest in their employees. People like Mark Douglas of Steelhouse who next year plans to give all his staff a three day weekend once a month.
One of these under the tree please Santa!

Now there’s still a few days of shopping left until Christmas Day so if you know anyone that is tech savvy enough to create that bottomless coffee cup, please let us know. We’d quite like a few of those here at TalentDash HQ. 

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