The Lowdown on Talent Acquisition Conferences


As the world of recruitment gears up for the spring installment of ERE’s Talent Acquisition Conference, we take a look at how to prepare for these types of events and recommend the best upcoming conferences.

We know it can get quite laborious packing and unpacking booths, handing out business cards like candy, and trying to keep that smile in place for days on end, but the fact is that recruitment conferences are an incredible boon to the industry. They offer us a great chance to not only build quality connections but to also learn new strategies and how to implement them.

And with 2017 promising to be a year of innovation in the talent acquisition game, the year’s upcoming events should give us a great insight into how the industry is evolving from a technological standpoint.

First things first
Before you go off booking hotels and registering for every event within a twelve-hour plane ride, take some time to first identify the right conferences and events for you and your business. And to make your search just a little easier we’ve created a simple checklist to help you do so.

 Is this event likely to have attendees that I would like to connect with?
 Will there be an opportunity for me or my team to learn new skills?
 Are the keynote speech topics relevant to my business?
 Will my team have an opportunity to challenge themselves?
 Is it financially viable to attend? Do the benefits outweigh the costs?

Answer these questions as you take a look at the schedules for each event and you’ll soon come up with a shortlist of the events that will best suit your needs and help you achieve your goals for the year.

And speaking of goals…

Set your goals 
The most important part of running a successful business is setting out clearly defined goals at the beginning of each year or quarter and heading a recruitment team is no different.

Ask yourself
• Where you want to be (professionally) in a year’s time
• What skills you and your team need to improve
• How you would like to challenge yourself and your team

Setting these goals and making sure everyone on the team is fully on board with your vision is essential as it creates an environment of positivity and challenges each individual to improve themselves.

You will also want to sit down with your team and discuss goals for each conference or event that you hope to attend. Make sure that everyone has all the information at hand for each event and brainstorm the benefits of each alongside the expected results from attending.

Prepping for events 
Now we’re not talking about job fairs here, so the prep work is not quite the same. You won’t need to worry about candidate experience or event tactics with regards to expanding your talent pool. This is an altogether different approach.

Attending a conference with thought leaders in any industry requires preparation of the mind. Rather than being the talker and doer that you or your team members usually are, it’s necessary to change your mindset and open yourself to the possibility of change.

Conferences such as ERE’s are about building relationships with other people in the industry and learning from their experiences. Of course, there will certainly be opportunities to offer advice and exchange ideas, but often the primary goal of attending these type of events is for both you and your team to learn and develop.

Our event recommendations for 2017
There are literally hundreds of Talent events held throughout the year, some big and some small, but these two are the events that we feel offer the best opportunities for the growth and development of your business or team.

ERE Recruiting Conference – San Diego (April 18th – 20th) 
This one’s just around the corner, and you’ll probably be able to guess why we recommend this one.

The event’s theme is The Future of Talent Acquisition, and it will bring some of the industry’s most experienced thought leaders under one roof to discuss what’s happening in the world of talent acquisition.

Featured speakers include
• Danielle Monaghan, Head of Talent Acquisition, Amazon
• Shaunda Zilich, Global Employment Brand Leader, GE
• Will Maurer, Global Talent Sourcing Manager, General Motors

And these are just a few of the many speakers scheduled for the conference all of whom have something to offer in terms of how to grow your business and improve your talent acquisition game.

Register for ERE Recruiting Conference

HR Technology Conference – Las Vegas (October 10th – 13th)
There will be over 400 companies at this event showcasing their products, and organizers expect some 75 new product announcements. Throw in 8,500 attendees, and you have a veritable paradise for both recruitment tech companies and recruiters.

As with a lot of these events, the CEOs of many of the companies will be on hand to discuss how their technology will help your recruitment drives. There will also be a number of featured speakers, and at an event of this size, they are sure to be worth checking out.

Last year’s event saw speakers from Starbucks, VMware, and Cisco to name but a few and organizers have promised to maintain their high standards for this year.

Unfortunately, we don’t have the full schedule yet, but you can sign up to the mailing list on the event website for updates.

Don’t forget the little things
We’re sure you’ll remember to bring your laptop, smartphone, and business cards so no need to remind you about those. But if you are not already using one, then we suggest downloading a digital business card app for your smartphone. We like Haystack here at TalentDash, but there are plenty of other options such as Snapdat and Inigo. Find one that suits you and learn how to use it properly so as to avoid looking like the equivalent of a networking dinosaur.

Talent acquisition conferences and events are great places to make connections and quite possibly generate some leads. But you know what else is great for that? That’s right, here at TalentDash we help you put those tasks on autopilot so  and see how TalentDash can help you up your Talent Acquisition game. 

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