How a social media profile helps candidates and recruiters

BY THE TALENTDASH TEAM | February 6, 2017

In 2016 we saw that social media became more than a fun way to share selfies and holiday snaps. It became one of the best tools in the talent acquisition game, but even so, certain professionals still consider it a pointless endeavor. So what exactly are they missing out on?

As a means to source talent, social media flew under the radar for far too long. But 2016 brought this apparent waste of time to the fore as one of the best ways for a professional to maintain an online presence. 2017 promises to be no different and here’s why.

Social media profiles are the new business card
We now live in a digital age where connecting with other professionals on social media platforms is more common than exchanging business cards. And the benefits for both parties on either side of the recruitment fence are plain for all to see. 

A candidate’s profile, no matter the platform, is the ideal medium for showcasing talent and listing expertise and experience, putting them out there for all to see. For the recruiter, this is ideal as it provides them the opportunity to vet potential candidates without ever having to make contact. 

With social platforms so prevalent in our everyday lives, recruiters have incredibly easy access to a vast pool of potential talent. And all of this without having to trawl through company pages or dust off the old Rolodex of business cards.

It pays to be seen
Without an up-to-date social media profile, the chances of being considered for an opportunity rest solely on a candidate’s stellar reputation in the field or, more likely, their inclination to apply for a job. 

The truth is though, that many candidates are passively seeking a new challenge. In other words, they are currently employed but would consider an opportunity should it arise. They are not necessarily active on jobs boards and so are unlikely to see a recruiter’s ads. 

Thankfully the vast majority of professionals are starting to realize the potential of a social media presence, subscribing to the ‘if you’re not in, you can’t win’ ethos. This type of activity, however passive it may seem, is one of the major reasons successful professionals find themselves in the mix for the best positions.

Which platform is best for professionals?
To say the list of social networking apps and platforms currently available is extensive would be an understatement, to say the least. lists 60 networking sites you need to know about which begs the question; how many are there that we don’t need to know about? 

Now the fact is, maintaining an up-to-date profile on 60 networking sites and apps is probably a tad overkill, so which sites should you use? 

Let’s start with the obvious.

Facebook – Profiles on the world’s biggest social media platform are usually reserved for personal use so professionals should take care with what they share on their feeds and who can view the embarrassing photos their friends tag them in.

Linkedin – A purely professional network, this is one of the best platforms for networking with like-minded professionals and a great place to share projects, experiences, and achievements. Dreamland for a recruiter.

Twitter – Slightly on the wane, Twitter is nevertheless still a good option for recruiters to target professionals through its advanced search functionality. And for professionals, clever use of hashtags and keywords can make a profile easy to find.

And now the not so obvious

AngelList – This platform introduces startups to investors, hence the name, but is also a network where professionals and recruiters alike can seek out new opportunities and candidates.

Github – This particular network is the preferred talent pool for recruiters in search of programmers and software engineers.

Stack Overflow – Another community of programmers that boasts a list of over 5 million users.

The new kid on the block

Instagram – Yes, it’s true. While Instagram started out as a photo sharing app, it has quickly become a means to connect with other professionals, share content, and comment on others’ images. Not an essential profile to have but one to consider especially for professionals with visual work to show. Graphic designers, artists, photographers, etc.

There are many more that are worth looking into and then some that aren’t all they’re cracked up to be; we’re looking at you Google+. So professionals and recruiters alike should spend a little time to check which networks are popular for a particular industry. 

However, if we were to choose one network over all others as our go-to platform for sourcing talent, it would have to be Linkedin. The simple fact that this network is purely professional makes it an obvious choice, but it’s the lack of personal rants, family photos, and anything political that allows it to stand head and shoulders above both Facebook and Twitter.

What a profile should include
Adding a few snaps of the family pet to a personal Facebook profile just won’t cut the mustard from a career perspective. Company recruiters have no interest in a potential candidate’s love of puppies, unless, of course, they’re looking for dog whisperers. 

What they want to see is information that will help in their decision-making process. Experience, areas of expertise, and qualifications all help, and on professional networks such as Linkedin, this is expected.

However, on other platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, recruiters may pay more attention to the content that the profile owner shares. This is why it is absolutely essential for professionals to draw a clear line between personal and professional profiles or to choose who can view their content. 


As you can see, with our day to day lives now heavily reliant on digital media, it makes perfect sense for those that want to get ahead to maintain at least one social media profile and update it on a regular basis. Failing to do so could mean the difference between stagnation in a position with no future or taking the next step on the career ladder, and we know which one we prefer.

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