The Right Tools for the Job – 5 Must-Have Recruitment Tools


As a busy recruiter, you should always be on the lookout for ways to improve productivity and as a result candidate experience. But with so many new tools and software hitting the market seemingly on a daily basis, it’s hard to keep up with what’s currently available and what you really need. Don’t worry though; we’ve got your back. Below is a list of some of the types of tools we feel could take your recruitment game to the next level.

And by chat we mean chatbots. Now, before you dismiss this suggestion out of hand bear this in mind – 69% of people prefer chatbots for quick communication with brands. Your company is a brand, and hey, we’re pretty sure those potential candidates visiting your jobs page are people, so this might be a stat worth paying attention to. 
Think about it this way. A candidate arrives at your jobs page and has a few questions they want answered before hitting that ‘apply now’ button. Unfortunately, your site has no chatbot, and the candidate needs to wait for one of your team to reply to their email which could take a while. Your candidate loses interest, and you just lost a potential hire. 
However, if you had that chatbot, the candidate gets their answers immediately and can decide on applying there and then. But even better is the fact that these chatbots can also perform your first wave of screening with a few targeted questions that will help you eliminate unqualified leads. 
Popular chatbots include Job Pal and Mya. In all honesty, there are so many on the market that it’s tough narrowing it down to one.

It’s the bane of a recruiter’s existence and takes up so much time and effort that it sometimes doesn’t get the attention it deserves. We are of course talking about screening. Done right and you get the best candidates in your pipeline, done wrong, and superstar talent may slip through the cracks while unqualified leads may find themselves at the interview table. 
Most ATS now come with options that support the ranking and sorting of candidates in a pre-screening phase however if you want to go deep (and who doesn’t?) then you’re better off with a tool such as Outmatch. This tool helps you find candidates who are the perfect match for a role through job-fit assessments.

From posting jobs to promoting the company’s positive work culture, a recruiter goes all out to attract the best talent which, in case you hadn’t noticed, is marketing in a nutshell. But with so much competition in the industry, it’s becoming more and more difficult for recruiters to make themselves seen and heard. That’s why a solid recruitment marketing platform is an essential piece of kit. 
Platforms such as SmashFly and Beamery help you navigate the ins and outs of recruitment marketing. These platforms put as much emphasis on candidate experience and brand awareness as they do on job postings. And let’s face it, in an age where brand image and customer (candidate) experience rules all, having those bases covered while simultaneously marketing your available roles is a pretty attractive option.

Digital recruiting tools

Talent Mapping
Okay so as you may have guessed this is our thing. Sourcing the best talent is a difficult task at the best of times and with competition to hire the top graduates and candidates at an all-time high, you could probably use some help. 
Using a talent mapping platform like TalentDash allows you to identify the right candidates for the right roles highlighting those potential hires that could be your next superstar hire. You can also rank your candidates according to your search parameters giving you a list of those you should contact first. Can anyone say timesaver? 
Yes, we’re a little biased but trust us and try a free search on our talent mapping page and you’ll see just how much time you could save.

On the topic of bias, we’re sure that you’re all too aware that your subconscious mind can at times play tricks on you when it comes to screening candidates and even writing job postings. And no matter how hard you try, human nature is hard to shake, and so there are now several tools on the market to help you remove any bias from your recruitment efforts.
These tools will make sure that a candidate’s demographics are completely ignored in the screening phase. This also ties in with diversity in the workplace and could, in fact, help you create a more diverse workforce. 
Software such as Applied offers unbiased candidate scoring giving you the best chance to hire without that subconscious mind of yours playing havoc with your decisions. 
There are of course many other tools that you can use to increase productivity and improve your chances of hiring the best talent. And with technology in the recruitment industry improving at an incredible rate, you’re probably using quite a few already. But you know what? There’s always room for improvement so try some or even all of the options above and let us know how you got on. We’d especially like to hear your thoughts on TalentDash, and no we’re not going to de-bias ourselves on that one!

Want to know more about our talent mapping platform? Then get in touch today, and we’ll gladly walk you through the mapping process.

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