How to Find the Very Best Graduate Talent


With college graduation season just around the corner, it’s time to take a look at how you can find the best new talent from this year’s batch of graduates.

Many employers these days now look for more than a college education when seeking out the best talent for their business. It seems the workplace has come full circle and we are now back to a time when experience is almost, if not more important than a degree. However, what employers don’t realize is that by ignoring those fresh out of school graduates, they could be missing out on unearthing the brightest young talent or possibly even losing it to their competition.

Here at TalentDash, we are of the mind that a good company recruitment policy is to hire at least one enthusiastic graduate for every three or four experienced pros. Of course, this ratio is entirely dependent on the size of the company and the available positions but we like to dream of the perfect workplace, and in our minds, that sounds just about right.

So with that in mind let’s take a look at some strategies for finding this exciting raw talent that’s perfect for your company.

Do your homework (by checking theirs)
There’s far more to college life than sitting in lectures and taking exams. Online magazines, contests, exhibitions, the opportunities for work-like experience in college are endless. And these opportunities are the perfect place for a recruiter to begin their search.

Take note of awards that are relative to the industry you are hiring for and look for graduates that have made the most waves with their ideas and skills. Research papers are also a good barometer of a student’s dedication to their chosen cause and if they are published in a reputable journal or on a well-known website, then all the better.

Know what makes them tick
The current crop of graduates are Generation Z, and it may come as a surprise to discover that they find your old fashioned ways, well… old fashioned. This generation has grown alongside the technology we use today, and as such, they have a slightly different mindset to Millennials or even Generation X.

Try to figure out exactly what it is that makes this new generation tick and if that means spending a bit of time on social media, then so be it. Your recruitment drive can make clever use of topics that are trending with this generation by integrating them into job posts if possible.

Highlight your company’s contribution to society
The environment and the general wellbeing of society are extremely important to this generation, and for them, it’s important to know that the work they are doing is contributing to society in a positive way.

Job listings that target graduates should highlight not only the perks and benefits on offer but also the various ways the company gives back to the local community. With many companies offering similar financial packages to graduates, this may very well be the aspect that finally sways an undecided graduate.

Connect with them 
Ensure that your brand is social media savvy. Like we said, this generation live their lives with technology so make sure that your company is easy to follow on all of the major social media networks.

But just having an account isn’t enough these days. It must be updated regularly and with content that speaks to your target audience. Of course, you don’t want to change your brand’s tone of voice just for the sake of recruiting a few graduates, but it will help if some of the content you create is relative to them or the things that they feel passionately about.

Topics such as work-life balance, giving back to the community (it really is that important), and even your fun company culture will all work in your favor when the graduate recruitment drive kicks off, and your potential candidates start doing their research.

Remember it’s all about the mobile life
With as many as 9 out of 10 job seekers making use of a mobile device in their hunt for a new position, it stands to reason that recruiters should tailor their recruitment drive to accommodate this. Add to that the fact that generation Z use social media regularly each and every day of the week and you can see why it’s important to adopt a mobile-first mindset.

An easy job application process that is accessible on a mobile device is a great step in the right direction and will no doubt result in a higher conversion rate for your job posting. And let’s not forget the power of social media which brings us to our next point.

Add more strings to your advertising bow
While job boards are the obvious choice for placing advertisements for a new position or recruitment drive, social media may just pack more of a punch with the graduating masses.

As we mentioned earlier, this new generation of job seekers spends an inordinate amount of time on social media. In fact, some might say that they do everything through their chosen platform. So take a new approach (actually you probably should be doing this already) to your advertising by placing ads on social media networks.

These job ads don’t necessarily have to be of the standard ‘We’re hiring’ ilk, but can also include Facebook Live videos or animated videos. Social Media Examiner created this tutorial on making Facebook video ads that explains it better than we ever could.

Just remember to think outside the box, and you’ll most likely find yourself on the same wavelength as your target audience.

There’s no doubt that hiring graduates can have an incredibly positive effect on your company. Full of initiative and the enthusiasm of young professionals eager to succeed, graduate hires may just be the shot in the arm that your lagging sales or marketing team needs.

Look out for our post in the coming weeks on finding the right balance of raw talent and experience and how this balance can lead to success.

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