Battle of The “Intelligence”


If you meet someone from a tech company today, ask them about their services or products. Chances are, the conversation would involve about the tech’s company usage or provision of AI (Artificial Intelligence). With its growing presence and becoming a norm in our daily lives, the ceiling of AI is pretty high, it is no wonder how many tech companies would boast about their tech and AI. However, is AI living up to the hype?

AI may sound new, but it really is not, in fact, AI has been part of our life for a good number of year. Needless to say, with its growing presence and impact, it has evolved to be a buzzword on the lips of many, but what does it really mean to us? No doubt that AI has brought the convenience of automation, changing our lives, but one of the most common discussed topics is the fear of how AI is over taking jobs. So, is AI really here to improve our lives or something we should be wary about? Let’s look at how AI has been integrated into our lives, for better or for worse.

AI FTW (“Artificial Intelligence For The Win”, that is)
With the on-going demand of work, marketing definitely would benefit from the use of AI. Social Media (Content) Manager is one of the (many) roles that benefit from AI. Too often, these marketers need to keep their social media platform “alive” with consistent postings and engagements. The good news is, the content manager could make sure of tools like Buffer or Hootsuite that helps to publish the content on a schedule that runs like a German Train.

Increase Productivity
Following on with the previous point, automation would help to save time which in turn would help to increase productivity. Say, a recruiter is looking to fill 5 roles, the traditional method would be the recruiter needing to go through hundreds, or even possibly thousands, of profiles before shortlisting candidates for consideration. A smarter way of doing so would be using machine learning tech that helps to search and scan the talent pool, and giving a ranked list of candidates. This way, the recruiter would save time on search and easily get a broad overview of the talent pool, help the recruiter to save time in searching for candidates.

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Big Data (Oooh, another buzzword)
Data is no king without any context. What is the point of having so much data if you are not able to derive any valuable meaning out of it? Say you are a sales guy with a list of thousands clients, how do you know which clients are the source of your top 5% revenue or guess who would be the returning clients etc. It takes time and effort to go through to analyse the data, not forgetting there’s prone to human errors. However, there are software around to help give analytics of the data, easily recognizing trends and patterns which would help you to make business decisions.

So, yes, those are just 3 of the many reasons to why AI is favoured. However, AI is not always fine and dandy, there are (still) some downfalls of AI.

AI FTL (FTL? Go Figure)
Bugs And Viruses
It happens, and when it does happen, it affects our work flow which could be utterly frustrating. Say, you are a recruiter who is using some tech tools to search for candidates. However, the platform you use has a bug which brings you result of irrelevant candidates! All that time you spent to search has been wasted with wrong candidates! So, yes, human validation is very much needed (something which TalentDash provides) to make sure your search is on the right path.

Human Touch
AI, as its name suggested, artificial intelligence, is still very much robotics and lacks the human judgement and empathy. Thus, AI may not be able to pick up sensitive issues such a racism, homophobia etc as well as human. Such has been headaches to some marketers where their ads appeared at less than desired space. Imagine you are a recruiter looking to post a an opening online publicly, surely you would not want to make such mistakes!


By the way, the search for your candidates on TalentDash is private, we have got you covered. *wink wink*

Say What?
Voice and audio seem to be the next big thing, however, it is definitely still far from perfect. Take the story of how Alexa went wild and may not comprehend your accent.

Alexa is not the only one, seems like SIRI shares such similar issues as well. Imagine what would happen if you digital assistance behaved like Alexa gone wild, we imagine more time (and embarrassment) would be saved when speaking to another human.

With all that’s said and done, perhaps AI should be renamed as “Assisting Intelligence” as a reminder that AI is no reason for humans to get lazy and be redundant. Do not complain about AI taking over your job if you are not finding ways to level up yourself.

Unlike these two who have strong divergent opinions on AI, we are on neither team for nor against AI. We cannot deny the benefits of AI, but AI is not the be all and end all. If you asked us, the best is having AI to work for you without forgoing the human touch. What do you think? And please let us know if you are on team Musk or Zuckerberg? 

By the way, if you are looking to explore a machine learning tool (yes, AI) with human touch, contact us to help build you a lean recruitment strategy. We are happy to share a demo with you, and yes, your choice if you want the demo to be in digital or in human form.

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