6 Recruiter Superpowers and How They Use Them


In an industry where we are seeing incredible technological advances such as AI, it’s comforting to know that should we see an apocalyptic event of Terminator proportions, the recruiters will have things covered. With their preternatural abilities and superhuman strengths, they’d still manage to find the right people for the right jobs no matter what happens. In fact, with these superpowers, if they can’t build us an army to save the world, they could probably just do it themselves.

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A hunter’s eye
20/20 vision is always an advantage (unless you’re pinning a tail on a donkey) but the heightened vision of Spiderman isn’t exactly the kind of hunter’s eye we had in mind. Our wall crawler’s uncanny ability to sense his prey’s whereabouts is more in tune with our recruiters’ superpowers.

Having a hunter’s eye helps target the very best of talent (something we at TalentDash also do by the way) and allows a recruiter to sort out the wheat from the chaff. It might sound like a tough analogy to make but in a world where time is money, it’s necessary to cut down on any potential time wasting for the benefit of both the candidates and the recruiter, and a hunter’s eye does precisely that.

The ability to read minds
If you’ve ever seen an X-men movie, then you’ll understand that having the ability to read the minds of others is often a curse for Professor X. But irrespective of the dangers of this incredible superpower, recruiters of the world spend hours on end honing their mind reading skills to figure out just what their candidates are thinking. What do they really want? Are they in it for the love or the money? Are my emails working? Do I have a nice telephone voice?

And surprisingly enough (or not if you’re in the industry), years of seeking out and interviewing the best talent there is allows recruiters to develop almost telepathic tendencies. These are the skills which enable them to make those big calls that usually end in a successful placement but more on that later.

Panoramic vision
Not to be confused with the laser-focused hunter’s eye which zeroes in on targets, panoramic vision is the ability to see the bigger picture. And like Professor X (yes him again) can make the best decisions for his team based on his ability to see all, recruiters can make the right choices for their employers, clients, and candidates.

Being able to take a step back and see the process as a whole rather than a part of it in isolation allows a recruiter to see how the overall process is running and the areas that may need more focus.

The power of persuasion
When a great package with incredible benefits just isn’t enough, a recruiter will often have to resort to their strong powers of persuasion in order to seal the deal. “This is the job you are looking for” may work for Obi-Wan Kenobi, but unfortunately, we have yet to meet a recruiter that has mastered the use of the Force.

However, although recruiters are not yet at quite the same level as a Jedi Knight, they have a few other tricks up their sleeves. Knowing what to add to a package and when to add it is a skill that takes years of training, although thankfully their schooling is not carried out on a marshy planet with a small green Jedi master on their back.

Just like mind reading, super-hearing has the potential to destroy confidence. Does anyone really want to hear what people are saying behind their backs? Thankfully it’s not this kind of Superman hearing that recruiters have but more of a talent for listening. 

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The needs of candidates and CEOs are usually poles apart, so it is crucial that a recruiter learns to listen to both sides during the hiring process. This allows a recruiter to choose the ideal candidate from their talent pool to fill a position.

While it might not seem like a superpower of much note, decision-making is perhaps the most important power of all. Just ask Batman, he’s only human after all, one bad choice and it’s goodnight to the Dark Knight.

So when a recruiter makes the right call at the right time, it’s very rarely luck but rather a remarkable and often natural ability. But it’s not just about the choosing the right time but also having the courage to make these decisions even in the face of strong opposition from employers. Taking a stand for what they believe is the right thing to do is always an admirable approach to take, and for us, this makes decision-making the best superpower of all.

Here at TalentDash, we’ve always known that it takes a certain type of person to make a great recruiter. It’s a calling that many feel they were born to, and while our friends in recruitment may not receive the accolades that we feel they rightly deserve, we know who we want on our side if the robots ever do take over.


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At TalentDash we’ve got that hunter’s eye so let us be your sidekick as we help you scour the earth for the very best talent who may even have superpowers of their very own. In fact,  and we’ll even give you a preview of candidates that are sure to impress both you and your CEO.

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