5 Hiring Techniques to Find The Best Talent


Talent sourcing is hard. And finding those superstar candidates is even harder. Thankfully though, there are a few things you can do to improve your chances of bringing the most talented candidates in for an interview. And no, free chocolate at reception is not one of them, although we might just give that a try sometime.

Treat your candidates like valued customers
For many years, companies treated candidates like they were doing them a favor by allowing them to have an interview and possibly even work for them. These days though, that has changed for the better. Now it’s all about candidate experience and making the entire hiring process a pleasant endeavor. But you know what? You can do even better than that. 
Sure, easy to find application forms and a slick mobile site are convenient must-have additions to your recruitment efforts, but making a candidate feel valued is worth so much more. If they have a question, make it your business to find an answer as soon as possible. And if they want to talk, then jump on the phone straight away. Letting your candidates know that you value their time helps you build a reputation as a recruiter (and a company) that cares, and that is worth its weight in gold.

Work on your brand image
Your brand image is so important especially in these times when everyone and anyone either criticizes or praises brands on social media. But your brand image doesn’t rely solely on past and present candidates and employees’ direct experience with you. It also depends on the content that you produce and present to the world. 
Maintaining a positive brand image is rather easy. In fact, all it takes is treating your employees and customers/clients like the human beings they are. Highlight your employees’ successes, praise your customers and clients on social media (where appropriate of course) and just try to be a nice personable brand, you know like a normal, nice company. 
Now, this might not seem like the hiring technique that you were expecting but trust us on this. Although you may not be able to quantify the results of your efforts in too great a detail, sharing positive content through your social media accounts does attract the attention of candidates, particularly passive ones.

Look for passive candidates 
While it might seem counterproductive to spend too much time on attracting the attention of passive candidates, it is a technique that will certainly help you in the long run. And why is that? Well, the truth is that most of the best talent out there already has a job. After all, if they’re that good, they won’t be out of work for long. 
When sourcing talent, always look to include those currently employed in your search. Who knows, you could be offering exactly the kind of job that would make them consider leaving their current role. According to Corporate Responsibility Magazine, 84% of passive candidates would consider leaving a job if the right role came along. Need we say more?

Make your current staff your best recruiters

Okay, so we’re not suggesting that you give your staff the task of finding new employees, but you can use them to promote vacancies to the outside world. With practically every person on the planet now highly active on social media, a quick share of a position available has the potential to bring in some quality leads. 
Not only that but if you’re doing it right (and you really should be), then your employees will be your biggest brand ambassadors due to the great work culture in the office. They regularly extol the virtues of working for your company which in turn creates a wonderfully positive image of your brand in the minds of their friends and family. You can see where we’re going with this one, right? 
Making your staff happy and treating them right will encourage them to fill your vacant roles as they will want their friends and family to experience the joy of working for your company. This is quite possibly one of the best hiring techniques you can adopt as all it takes is treating your staff right and keeping them in the loop when positions arise.

Use all the tech you can
We live in an age of incredible technology, and that tech is always changing. Every day there seems to be a new tool or app on the market specifically designed to make your life as a recruiter easier. So make use if it whenever possible. Whether it’s a virtual assistant or a chatbot on your careers page, make the most of what is out there. 
Now, when it comes to the actual hiring of top talent, then you’ll need to start looking at sourcing and mapping tools. These tools give you the best chance of locating top talent based on the parameters of your vacant role. They can even help you build a candidate pipeline and keep that pool overflowing with talent ready for when the next role comes along. 
Of course, we are now obliged (well, not really) to point out that if it’s a mapping tool you’re looking for, then TalentDash has you covered. If you want to know where all the best talent is hiding or just hanging out waiting for a job to come along, then we can point you in the right direction. 
Remember though; it’s not just about us. Keep your finger on the pulse and know what tech there is out there that can help you automate any of your recruitment processes and watch your productivity levels skyrocket.

Try some of the techniques above and let us know if they helped you improve your hiring process. You can get in touch with us through our contact form, tweet us, or give us a shout out on Facebook to let us know how you’re getting along. Now, we’re off to buy some chocolate for our next recruitment drive.

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