Armed with the mission to help companies speed up their recruitment process and make the best recruiting decisions, our founder, James Galvin, founded TalentDash in 2014. James was well aware that the longer the time to hire, the smaller the pool of viable candidates. TalentDash gathers the data and market intelligence for small to medium sized companies, saving them from the tedious process of gathering the candidates themselves. We make sure you never miss out on great opportunities with our thorough data. TalentDash is based in Singapore and currently run by a team of 7.

Where you can find us


James Galvin


James graduated with a bachelor’s in Computer Science from University College Cork, and a master’s in Business Administration from INSEAD. He believes that the secret of getting things done is to act; founding TalentDash among his other companies. His guilty pleasure is casting miniature knights out of white metal, and if he could have a superpower, it would be the ability to clone himself at will.

Kayo Tran

Operations Manager

Kayo graduated from Temasek Polytechnic, and then from Queen Margaret University with a Bachelor in Hospitality and Tourism Management. She has many years of professional experience in customer service. If she could have a superpower, she wishes she could turn back time, or, at least, has more time to do all the things that she wants to do. She believes that nothing worth having comes easy, which is perhaps why she is not just a workaholic, but also a shopaholic.

Charisma Lin

Product Marketing Manager

Charisma graduated from Monash University with a bachelor’s in Business and Commerce (Economics). Before joining the TalentDash team, she was with advertising agencies, working closely with clients across various industries on their marketing campaigns and strategies. She lives by the motto: “We are living on borrowed time, make the best of it”, and maybe that is why if she could have a superpower, she wishes she could control time.