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A head start on your hiring

TalentDash is a talent mapping platform that identifies the top people in the industry and highlights the specific candidates that you are looking for. Having a snapshot of the talent pool will help you build a strong talent pipeline and speed up your hiring process.

A ranked long list of top candidates lets you know who you should contact first

Identifying top candidates and aggregating social data to help you make better decisions. We highlight the most suitable candidates and rank them against your search parameters, to save you time.

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Industry Map

Get a bird’s eye view of the industry

TalentDash gives you a map of the industry, identifying talent clusters and hot companies that should be on your radar. The first step in building a robust market intelligence that will support your ability to hire top candidates.

Take Their Word For It

TalentDash's on-demand sourcing support helped get my business off the ground quickly with seamless implementation and top notch customer service. The team produced great results and has been very flexible in responding to the unique and dynamic needs of a specialized company like DroneHive. I would recommend TalentDash to any start-up.

Paul Huish
Founder of DroneHive

I've now worked with TalentDash at two different companies and both are very happy with the service. They're great at mapping out candidates for companies of interest. I'd recommend them to teams that are looking for a fast, affordable, and adaptable sourcing solution.

Jeff Lu
Head of Recruiting at Medium

Satisfied Clients of TalentDash

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